Start Date:

End Date:

  1. Respond to all text messages & emails within 24 hours of receiving them for one month
  2. Pay bills the same day I receive them for three months
  3. Respond to all wedding invites within the week I receive them
  4. Send wedding gifts the weeks I receive friend's sweet wedding invites. Anyone else have wedding gifts you've purchased sitting in your closet that need to be sent and/or delivered? Whew, glad I'm not alone!
  5. Learn to sew.
  6. Take a coding class
  7. Invest in one piece of nice art preferably from one of my favorite artists, Dorothy Shain, Sally King Benedict, Caroline Boykin, or Catherine Jones.
  8. Do one thing a year that really scares me
  9. Work for or with one of my dream companies
  10. Wake up every day at 5 a.m. for two weeks straight
  11. Host a real grown-up dinner party
  12. Put 20% of monthly income into a savings account for three months straight
  13. Work at being the best version of myself by being totally "present" when I engage with others for two weeks straight
  14. Treat my sweet parents to a steak dinner with my hard earned barrette dollars
  15. Send five random snail mail letters out a month to friends and family for five months straight
  16. Plan Christmas gifts ahead of time
  17. Send out Christmas or New Year Cards
  18. Invest in a real top notch fake designer handbag
  19. Organize and set-up two people I really like on a blind date
  20. Attend five General Assembly panels or courses before 2016. (1 down (9/18/15), 4 to go)
  21. Take a business class
  22. Pay more attention to the advice of my parents. Why do they always seem to be right? Shh.
  23. Throw a surprise party for a friend or family member
  24. Throw an engagement party for a friend or family member
  25. Drink one 8 ounce glass of water with lemon every morning before heading out the door for the day for two months straight
  26. Reconnect with my favorite college professor and introduce them to my sister who is a sophomore at my alma mater
  27. Finally get around to starting and finishing the book, Atlas Shrugged
  28. Read six business books including "How to Win Friends & Influence Others", "Choose Yourself", "Influence", "Purple Cow", and "The Hard Thing About Hard Things", and "Zero to One"
  29. Double donations to my alma mater, SMU, every year
  30. Travel to a new continent
  31. Use a clarisonic brush on my face twice a week for three months straight
  32. Watch five TED talks and type out takeaways from each
  33. Launch a series highlighting women with flair
    (See our blog entitled a girl with flair)
  34. Learn basic SEO
  35. Align with a large national brand for an "instagrammable" editor mailing
  36. Organize the PR work I've done for others in the last year and compile in a portfolio site
  37. Go on a southern road trip with other small business owners and meet with creatives and new stores along the way
  38. Host a "go-getter getaway" full of "speeds brainstorms", photo swaps, and more with creative entrepreneurs throughout the Southeast
  39. Create a barrette business plan.
    August 2015.
  40. Attend the Gem & Mineral Show in Tuscon, AZ
  41. Coordinate and execute a lifestyle photo shoot for my barrettes
    August 2015; Thank you, Amanda Greeley.
  42. “Don’t hate, collaborate!” Snagged this cute saying from top notch Texan @amyberry. I am such a believer that we’re all stronger together than separate. I’d love to make a goal of collaborating with one brand, blogger, and/or creative once a month for six months straight.
  43. Establish an editorial calendar for content on web and social
  44. Work with an artist to create custom fabric for a collection of hair accessories
  45. Have a booth at the Atlanta Mart’s gift show
  46. Launch a website (cross out: date goes live)
  47. Be featured on
  48. Be featured in Domino Magazine
  49. Send “You’re A Gem” barrettes “just because” to creatives I admire. Top of my current list? @packedparty, @flyformal, @ellsworthandivey, @gunnerandlux, and @twineandtwig. (1 down, @gunnerandlux 9/24/15)
  50. Spend an afternoon writing thank you notes to all have encouraged, helped, and supported my small business.
  51. Organize and execute a blogger brunch working in tandem with marketing team of a cute local restaurant
  52. Attend two conferences in the next year. In the last year, I’ve attended the Southern C and Create + Cultivate and cannot say enough positive things about both.
  53. Organize my social channels
  54. Send modern hair flair queen, Taylor Swift, barrettes
  55. Dance on stage with Taylor Swift and her “squad” (if you don’t write it doesn’t happen right?)
  56. Hire an intern
  57. Get invited to speak on a panel
  58. Take and edit my own product images
  59. Create a lookbook
  60. Run a 5K
  61. Party crash
  62. Send my mom and grandmother flowers out of the blue
  63. Go to a dude ranch
  64. Teach 5 strangers my favorite “high-five” dance move
  65. Mail my sisters care packages
  66. Wake up every morning with an intention
  67. Learn what wines to serve with which foods
  68. Leave a 100% tip for great service
  69. Attend the US Open
  70. Submit gluten free recipes to the
  71. Keep eyes open and try to listen more. Anyone else anxious or a rambler? True that, sista.
  72. Go on a safari in Africa or at the very least a safari themed party
  73. Fly in a hot air balloon
  74. Shower under a waterfall (bringing me back to my adventure trek days)
  75. Attend High Point’s furniture market
  76. Create an instagram account @divagma for the original Elizabeth Heard, my grandmother, who is full of flair & lots of laughs.
  77. Attend’s warehouse sale in Louisville, KY with my favorite bargain shoppers
  78. Contribute to three online publications (1/3: refinery 29; January 2015
  79. Organize all old copies of Domino Magazine. I found a slew of copies from the 90’s on the side of the street in NYC and carried them thirty blocks home. Since, I have poured hours into each copy and they have traveled with me to a new city and three apartments. #sodomino
  80. Spend a weekend at Blackberry Farms in TN
  81. Deliver barrettes around Atlanta “just because” to those who I feel need a little pick me up
  82. Write a list of the 26 things I love about myself and the 26 things I need to improve now that I’m 26 years old
  83. Purchase roller blades and blade around the park (no joke, I have been wanting to do this for years and day dreamed of owning heelys back in the day…anyone remember those?)
  84. Be an extra on Law & Order SVU and nab a photo with Detective Benson…talk about a woman with flair, right?
  85. Ask one new person to lunch, coffee, cocktails, or a workout class a week for six weeks.
  86. Pay homage to the Coke Cola center in town and indulge in a Diet Coke from every country around the world
  87. Host a Sunday night dinner club
  88. Intern or volunteer time for one person I admire and/or cause I believe in.
  89. Create an Atlanta City Guide
  90. Create a list of “movers and shakers” in the community and ask if I can buy them a coffee
  91. Set one workout class date a week instead of drink dates
  92. Buy a house
  93. Purchase a real Christmas tree
  94. Meet Sara Blakely of Spanx
  95. Explore the Atlanta Tech Village
  96. Paint walls and invest in a few key pieces for my apartment
  97. Attend three events at ADAC (1/ 3 down; Discover ADAC (9/30/15)
  98. Say YES to every friend date, meeting, and/or new adventure for one month. Did this when I first moved to NYC as a wide-eyed freshman of life and my fondest memories were because I said yes to the wackiest dates, jobs, and roommates.
  99. Befriend Tyler Perry aka Madea in Atlanta
  100. Try 10 new restaurants