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I am a forever fan of hair barrettes and have had an unabashed obsession since childhood (click here for proof!) Whether swimming or sleeping, you would rarely find me without one. It was my flair. And it all truly begun with my hair!

After growing up in Southern Georgia, I ventured west for college at SMU in Dallas, TX. Post graduation, I scampered north to settle into the energetic buzz of New York City where I worked in magazine editorials and public relations. My love for barrettes stayed in tact as I took weekend courses at Parsons School of Design and was able to hone my skills for crafting custom hair-wear. I soon noticed a niche in the market for trendy, yet tasteful hair accessories. What begun as a fun personal passion in the Spring of 2015 has evolved into a small, but mighty online and wholesale business. I am currently living and working in Atlanta, Georgia.

I am so grateful for the stylish women who find their finishing touch with one of my barrettes and am thrilled for the journey ahead. Thank you for your curiosity and cheer. I can't wait to share the flair!


Elizabeth Heard White |@elizabethheardw